Increase Productivity with Giving Noni Leaf Flour for Broiler Chickens

Therefore, it is necessary to increase the productivity of broiler chickens.

The business of cultivating poultry animals, one of which is broiler chickens, is very promising, for those of you who want to start it, don’t hesitate. However, in the maintenance process good management is needed where one of the ways of maintenance is the provision of rations or feed.

The composition of feed or rations for these broilers must contain balanced nutrition. The balanced nutrients in question are carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. With rations that contain balanced nutrients, broiler growth is more optimal and helps maintain chicken health.

Chicken rations are generally made from vegetable and animal ingredients. Chicken rations tend to be given in dry form which can be processed into various forms including pellets, granules and some are processed into flour. Providing a good ration will affect chicken productivity. Body weight gain is often used as a production guide for farmers. Therefore, body weight gain is often associated with the provision of rations.

Definition of feed additive

To accelerate the growth of broiler chickens, improving the quality of the ration can be done by mixing additional food. This additional food is in the form of feed additives, feed additives are ingredients mixed in feed that can affect the health, productivity and nutritional condition of livestock, even though these ingredients are not to meet nutritional needs. One of the feed additives that farmers can use is noni leaf flour.

The content contained in noni

Noni is one of the feed additives and medicinal plants that are often used by the community because it contains several substances that are very useful for the health of the body, namely alkaloids, anthracins, flavonoids, tannins and saponins, which can be used to overcome digestive problems such as inflammation of the digestive tract and can also increase the efficiency of the body’s metabolism.

Benefits of giving noni leaf flour

The use of noni leaf flour in broiler rations can help maintain the health of chickens because the content of noni leaf flour is an antibiotic. In addition, the use of noni leaf flour can increase the productivity of broilers. Thus, it is expected to provide good body weight so as to increase the income of farmers.

That is the discussion of the provision of noni flour for broiler chickens, from this discussion it can be concluded that noni leaf flour can be used as an additional ingredient in the preparation of rations and has many benefits. Hopefully it is useful for farmers who want to increase the productivity of their broilers.

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