Benefits Of Onion Flour For Broiler Chickens

Broiler chickens are the fastest growing chickens so that they can meet market demand. Broiler chicken production can be increased by improving maintenance procedures and improving feed quality. One of the improvements in feed quality is to add feed additives or feed additives.

Definition of feed additives or feed additives

Definition of feed additives or feed additives
Definition of feed additives or feed additives

Feed additive is an ingredient that is added in small amounts to spur growth and improve feed efficiency and reduce nuisance microorganisms or increase the population of beneficial microbes in the digestive tract of chickens. Feed additives or feed additives generally consist of antibiotics, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, organic acids, and plant active substances.

Feed additives circulating today mostly come from commercial or synthetic products whose users can be bad for livestock if used continuously because it can cause resistant bacteria. One way to solve the problem is the use of natural feed additives. One of the natural feed additives used for chickens is garlic.

The content contained in garlic and its functions

Garlic contains active compounds that are proven to replace the function of synthetic antibiotics in the chicken’s body. Some of the active compounds contained in garlic are allicin, selenium, and methylatyl trisulfide. These three active compounds are able to help the metabolic process in the chicken’s body much better. The presence of some of these active compounds makes garlic potential to be used as a feed additive.

In addition to the active compounds, garlic also contains chemical compounds that function for drugs, which are as follows,

  • Saltivine is a chemical compound that has the power to accelerate cell growth and tissue growth and can stimulate the nervous system.
  • Allicin is a compound that is efficacious as an antibiotic, siniatrin,saponins, and nicotinic acid are hypotensive.
  • Diallyl disulfide as an anti-worm, vitamins A, B, C, and D and phosphorus.

How to make good use of garlic

However, the use of garlic as a medicine has limitations in addition to its very sharp aroma, it also tastes bad, the compounds in garlic are also volatile, namely volatile and lost when processed, either due to the heating process, destruction or oxidation with the environment. To overcome these limitations, it is necessary to handle so that the properties of garlic are maintained and efficient in their use, one of which is by drying and making flour.

Benefits of garlic flour for broiler chickens

The addition of garlic flour in the ration of broiler chickens can accelerate growth, improve the work of the digestive system so that the absorption of food is more optimal. In addition, it also serves to maintain the immune system of livestock. With the addition of garlic flour to the ration is expected to improve the appearance of broiler chickens and produce meat with good quality so as not to endanger the health of people who consume.

That’s all the discussion about the benefits obtained in the provision of onion flour for broiler chickens. Hopefully add references and insights for you to maintain health and improve the performance of broiler chickens. Keep an eye on our website for other interesting and informative information. Thank you and best wishes for success!

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