5 characteristics of good cut Chicken Meat and Still Fresh

Chicken meat is one source of animal protein that is very popular with the people of Indonesia. As a food ingredient, chicken meat must meet food safety requirements. However, public knowledge of the characteristics of good quality chicken meat is still quite low and this is one of the opportunities for people/ persons to commit fraud in the sale of meat.

The need for chicken meat for consumption by Indonesian people is increasing every year along with the increase in population. Chicken meat is expected to have a decent quality for consumption. Chicken meat that has good quality will certainly provide a good processed product as well.

So, how to choose a good chicken meat?

There are at least 5 characteristics of good and still fresh chicken meat that you need to consider before buying chicken meat. Let’s see the following explanation.

1. Chicken meat color

1. Chicken meat color
1. Chicken meat color

Good chicken meat and still fresh (just cut) can be recognized by looking at the color that is reddish white or pink. Compared to other characteristics, the color of chicken meat is a feature that is so visible to be used as a guideline when you choose chicken meat to buy.

Please also note, that the white color of chicken meat is not a guarantee that the meat is in fresh condition. Not a few sellers inject formalin into chicken meat, so the color still looks fresh. But calm down, you can find out about this by smelling the aroma first, where chicken meat containing formalin usually has a medicinal aroma.

When viewed from the color of the flesh. In chicken meat that is not fresh or has been cut for more than 1 to 2 days, usually has a color that has turned pale. As for chickens that have been cut for a long time, the color of the meat is bluish, like bruises. This blue color arises because there is still blood in the chicken meat.

2. Aroma of chicken meat

The next characteristic is good and fresh chicken meat can be known from the aroma. If the chicken has just been cut, then the meat will give off a characteristic fresh aroma, without the presence of fishy, putrid smell, or pungent odor. And if you find a chicken that has a fishy smell, stench or pungent odor,. you should avoid buying this product. It could be that the chicken meat has entered a rotten phase because it has been sold for too long, so the quality has decreased.

Given the previous point, also avoid chicken meat that smells of chemicals or drugs. This indicates that the meat has been contaminated / contains chemicals or drugs such as formalin.

3. Chicken meat texture

In good condition and still fresh meat has an elastic texture and not too hard. You can find out by pressing the chicken meat first before buying. The elasticity of chicken meat is characterized by the tendency of the texture of the meat back to normal after being pressed.

Very different from the texture of chicken meat that has been rotten, that is, when the meat is pressed, it will leave a pressure mark. Not only that, the texture of chicken meat that has been rotten is also characterized by a mushy texture, watery, and easily destroyed when pressed.

There is also chicken meat that is swollen and hard when pressed. If you find meat like this, do not buy it, because the meat has been injected so that the weight increases.

4. The blood of chicken

The next feature of the freshness of chicken meat is characterized by not so much blood that comes out when pressed gently with a finger. This condition is inversely proportional to chicken meat that has rotted. Rotten meat when pressed will bring up blood spots that are quite clear on the surface of the meat.

In addition to the fact that chicken meat is no longer fresh, the amount of blood coming out of the meat also indicates that the process of handling chicken is done in a rough way. Chicken meat that bleeds a lot tends to be at high risk of being contaminated with bacteria. Chickens that bleed profusely can also be said that the product has been subjected to freezing and thawing for several times. This is certainly not good for consumption.

5. Watch for flies around chicken meat

The last feature is to pay attention to flies around chicken meat. Although flies are annoying animals and can spread disease. However, flies are also a good indicator of the freshness of animal products. Fresh chicken meat there are usually flies that try to infest. Of course, the fly perch is not due to the pungent smell of meat or chicken that has rotted.

If there are no flies perched on chicken meat, it is necessary to watch out, because the chicken meat may contain chemicals such as formalin or borax.

Well, you already know the characteristics of chicken meat that is good and still fresh. Therefore, do not be mistaken in buying chicken meat, both in the market and in the supermarket. You can make 5 characteristics of fresh chicken meat that have been mentioned above as a guideline when buying chicken meat later. Do not be selective, because if you choose the wrong one, it will not only affect the taste, but can also trigger the onset of disease when the meat is consumed.

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